Top 10 Things To Do To Your Boat This Winter!

It is sad to think that we are quickly rolling through fall.  And for many of us, time to put our boats away for a few months.   Just because we may not be on the water every weekend, it doesn’t mean that our contact with our boat should end until April.   And while sometimes it seems like winter can drag on its actually pretty quick.  We jump into the holidays and before you know it is the boat show, the Super Bowl, Spring Break, and then boat season!   

Rather than just covering up the boat and waiting for the last minute rush to get your boat ready for that first nice weekend; take advantage of the off season and have your boat ready to go!     It is a great time to do some of the projects that might take a little longer as well as save some money.

Here are our Top 10 Things To Do To Your Boat Over The Winter


  • Tune Up – Have your certified Tech give your boat that much needed Tune Up before you winterize. It is amazing how many boats come in to our service center with original Distributor Cap /Rotor, Spark Plugs, worn belts, etc.  No wonder it broke down in the summer.   By doing a full service on your boat now – you know you will be ready to go on that first weekend and beyond!
  • Crank up the Sound – Winter is a perfect time to do that audio upgrade. Add those new amps, subs, in-boat and tower speakers and have that sound system you always wanted.  Make sure you use Marine Audio equipment.  A boat is a harsh environment for electronics and sorry but that car audio will not last.  PULL Marine is an authorized Roswell Marine Audio dealer and installer. 
  • Light It Up – Wire up some LEDs. Adding LED lighting gives you that added bling as well as functionality.  You can pretty much light everything including cabin, cup holders, speaker rings, and underwater.   We have a full assortment of LED options for just about any application
  • Serve Up The Surf – Add that ballast or surf system. PULL knows surfing and we know how to properly install a ballast system. Each boat is different and where you place the weight makes a huge difference. We can install full ballast systems that allow you to fill with the press of a button.  We also offer the new Wake Worx Super Surf’R system which gives you the ability to update your boat to a modern tabbed surf system!
  • Tower – Add or update your tower! New forward facing towers can give your boat an updated look as well as offer increased functionality. PULL Marine offers Roswell towers – the best towers on the market!  
  • Bottom – You know what leaving your boat in the water does to the bottom. Winter is that time to pull the boat out and get that bottom cleaned and resurfaced.    We have a special process that allows us to quickly remove old paint and blisters.  We then fill, sand, and paint – having your boat back in the water for spring and worry free. 
  • Scratches and Dings – If you’re like me, you know every little scratch on your boat. Take advantage of the slow time to get that Gel-Coat repair taken care of.
  • Beyond Detailing – Get that boat shining beyond a quick detail. The best way to bring back that new look on a heavily faded boat is to do a restoration.  We hand wet sand, polish, and seal our boats to give a lasting shine that goes way beyond the average “wash and wax” detail job
  • Upholstery - From a full interior to fixing a few small tears – There is no better time to take care of that interior
  • On The Floor – Get rid of that old carpet and upgrade to a new non-skid flooring. There are many options from color and design – and even the ability to customize with a logo! 

New boats are expensive so keeping your boat running the way it should will give you many summers of enjoyment.   With a few repairs and upgrades, you are certain to have a boat that looks great and performs the way you want it to.   

PULL Watersports is your source for everything water sports related from Wake boarding, skiing, wake surfing, to tubing.   PULL Marine Services is your source to keep your boat running right.  We have certified technicians and are experts when it comes to in-board tow boats!

Pull Watersports and PULL Marine Services are also your exclusive Tige Boats sales and service resource!

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