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Lakegirl Candle

$ 12.99

The fresh scent of breezy summer days on the beach and sparkling lake water can be yours all year long with our Lakegirl scented candles.  A frosted glass with a clear lakegirl paddle logo lets the ivory candle blend in with any decor.  They are made from soy and feature cotton wicks, both helping to make sure you have hours of enjoyment.  The frosted glass serves as a great tumbler when your candle is gone.  Packaged for gift giving, each scent comes with its' own lake lore and vintage picture on the box.  

Wind:  Sail the sparkling blue lakes with the calming freshness of this scent. A hint of the fresh breeze with soft floral undertones and a lovely background of sandalwood and vanilla.  “She trims her sail and heads upwind. A Lakegirl always sails to win.”

Float:  This invigorating fragrance captures the essence of a spring garden just after a cool morning rain. Garden-fresh cucumber is combined with sparkling sprigs of mint and the delicate scents of rain-washed herbs.  “On the dock or in a boat, a Lakegirl always stays afloat.”

Love:  In the midst of the garden, flowers bloom into brilliance. A beautiful, true floral bouquet with notes of creamy gardenia and spring lily.  “When she gives her heart away a Lakegirl’s love is there to stay.”

Wish:  This timeless and multi-dimensional fragrance combines a touch of citrus with a heart of lavender and a final hint of a fragrant herbal blend.  “She casts her line and makes a wish. A Lakegirl always gets her fish.”

Each Gift box size is approximately :  4" X 4 " x 4 " ( perfect for the lakehouse )

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