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2020 Phase Five Leeo Wake Surf

$ 799.99

The Phase 5 Leeo Wakesurf Board is a hard-charging board for intermediate to advanced riders. It's no question that Jodi has rightfully earned herself a pro model, and the 2020 Phase 5 Leeo Wakesurf Board lives up to her high performance riding style. A wider tail keeps the Leeo fast with lots of pop off the wave. The stub nose keeps it more natural to spin for smaller riders. This board is perfect for lighter weight riders looking for a skim style board that loves to rotate and air off the top of the wake.


Construction and Materials

5/8" ThicknessLess float, more responsive.

Carbon LayupOne of the stiffest layups available, this board is extremely lightweight and insanely durable.

Innegra Glass

PolyLam™ GlossPolyLam Gloss finish provides a very clean and attractive looking board. Featured in their premium performance skim style boards.

V.R.T.™ (Vacuum Ribbed Technology)Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.

Continuous CoreSame thickness from nose to tail. Adds float on 3/4" boards. All 5/8" thick boards are continuous for best performance.

Polyester ResinPolyester resin is the most widely used resin in the composite industry.



SpecialtyTricks and Revert


Propel™ BottomsheetA proprietary material used to create a digital graphic style.


Hard Rails


1.2" Wave Fin

Additional Features

Deluxe Skim Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction V2

Do Not Store in Boat Board Racksevo does not recommend storing your wakesurfer in boat board racks. Many wakesurf boards are fragile and can be easily damaged by these racks, which is not covered under manufacturer warranty.


  • Ability Level:Advanced-Expert
  • Board Style:Skim
  • Core Material:Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass
  • Fins:1
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