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2020 Ronix Anthem Boots

$ 339.50

The Ronix Anthem Wakeboard Boots are playing their own tune and playing it loudly.The all new 2020 Anthem is the most advanced open-toe wakeboard boots Ronix has ever built, featuring their new Mainframe, and Super Straps that give your feet the support of a closed-toe boot.The Anthem boots are built for the rider that want the support of a closed-toe boot but need the adjustability or cheaper price point of an open-toe style binding. 




Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)5

Symmetrical Flex


Built-In J-BarsFor a more secure heel hold.

Classic S.O.L.E.Time tested and rider-approved, the Soft Orthotic Landing Experience is constructed from a versatile foam and molded to Ronix's specifics.

3D Molded Tongue

Liner & Lacing

Stage 2 LinerHigh Abrasion Tongue / 3D Molded Tongue / High Memory Foam / Base Stabilizer Foam / Original Baseless / Built-In J Bars / Linerless Construction / Reinforced Lining

Super StrapsLeverage from low friction, high-strength webbing allows for effortless tightening. Elasticity from high-grade elastomer provides dynamic flex for engagement and release, while accommodating the movement of the rider.


MainFrame TechnologyThe MainFrame offers a mid-height skeleton, engineered for versatility. Whether you are looking for the most progressive new cable boot, or simply a great fitting open-toe boot, the MainFrame will prove once again why Ronix is the industry leader.

Footbed Feel2 (1 Soft - 3 Firm)


  • Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced
  • Binding Style:Open Toe
  • Binding Closure:Straps
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