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2020 Ronix Vision Wakeboard

$ 269.99
Size: 120

Get your little grom started wakeboarding on the Vision, a wakeboard specifically designed to make riding a fun, comfortable experience for the young ones on the boat. The next generation of wakeboarders are learning how to ride on the Ronix Vision Boy's Wakeboard. A true kids board through and through, every aspect of this board is designed solely for the wants and needs of little rippers. Whether your little one is just learning to get up or is beginning to get air, the Vision will help make wakeboarding a fun, enjoyable experience for them.


Rocker Type

3-StageAn exaggerated rocker line with a later arc provides a more explosive pop. This style of rocker creates instant explosion off the wake.


2 (1 Stored Energy - 10 Instant Energy)More stored energy means the rider is given more time to generate the full lift from the power building from the tip all the way to the tail of the board. Instant energy generates quick lift and snap off the wake with an extra kick.


Asymmetrical RailsThinner sharper toeside rail with a fuller vertical heelside rail. An asymmetrical design improves toeside and heelside maneuverability for easier carving.


Grom GlassSofter fiberglass laminate that loosens the boardfeel for lighter riders.


2 Fiberglass 1.7" Hook Fins

Additional Features

15 Sticker Pack Included with Board

M6 InsertsA higher thread count means more hold on a shallower depth, allowing thinner board profiles with shorter inserts. This results in more board feel without sacrificing boot lock down.


  • Ability Level:Beginner-Intermediate
  • Riding Style:Wake
  • Rocker Type:Three-Stage
  • Core Material:Foam
  • Base Type:Standard Base
  • Wakeboard Mount Pattern:M6
  • Fins:2
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