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LIQUID FORCE Trip /Index Boot Combo 2021

$ 389.99

We start more people off on the Trip than any other board - and not because its a beginner board!  We put people on it because it is a great board at a great price.  It is perfect for starting off but it also wont hold you back as you develop.  There are plenty of pro riders who started on a Trip.   Really the name  says Trip - but it is really a journey.  

Combine the TRIP with the INDEX boot and you have the perfect setup.  The INDEX is a great binding for beginners and intermediates alike! The INDEX features our comfort liner, Impact EVA and a dampening mid-sole maximum comfort felt throughout. Dual laces help you customize the fit to your individual foot. Your summer of fun starts NOW!

  • N66 Chassis
  • EVA foot-bed
  • Dual Lace System
  • Wide Fit
  • Impact EVA Chassis Bottom
  • Comfort Liner
  • Cuff Stretch Zone



Twenty years ago, Liquid Force changed the definition of what a wakeboard should be with the original Trip. At the X Games in San Diego, Gregg Necrason piloted a radical new shape that featured a wider nose and tail than any board before. The Trip had six small ns with a quad set placed close to the rails to provide hold on such a wide board. The boost this new design provided paved the way for all future riding.

From pros to novices, everyone rode better on a Trip. The wider planshape and small rail ns made turns quicker and jumps higher, while the extra rocker and innovative hull design made landings softer. Our Trip series quickly became the most popular wakeboard ever built.

As our sport progressed, boat wakes got bigger and boards evolved. We redesigned the Trips to perform better. We molded the outside ns into the board to improve water flow and reduce drag. The new hull featured a double-inside-single-concave making Trips even smoother and softer on landings.

The Trip has a fuller tip shape for more pop than ever before. The D-I-S-C hull has longer molded-in fins that improves control and make transitioning from novice to advanced easier when removing the center fin. Added rocker makes these new Trips perform better on today’s bigger wakes.


Continuous RockerSmooth and predictable ride. Flowing transitions into turns. Long trajectory arc off the wake.


DISC Hull (Center)The Double Inside Single Concave (DISC) hull softens landings and maintains faster board speed as water flows out the tail.


Variable Edge Rail


PU CoreLiquid Force's PU core is compression molded to the highest standards and has been the lightweight, durable go-to for years.


Removable Center FinsTracking and control for edging into and out of the wake.

Molded-in, Warped Long Based Side Fins


  • Ability Level:Beginner-Intermediate
  • Riding Style:Wake
  • Rocker Type:Continuous
  • Core Material:Polyurethane (PU)
  • Base Type:Standard Base
  • Fins:2
  • Warranty:1 Year

 INDEX Sizing 

5-8 4.5-7.5 37.3-41.3 23-25.5
8-12 7.5-11.5 41.3-44 25.5-27.5
12-15 11.5-14.5 46.6-50.6 29-31.5
Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight
130 51.3"
130.3 cm
41.9 cm
5.8 cm
19.0" - 23.0"
48.3 - 58.4 cm
60 - 130 lbs
27 - 59 kg
134 52.8"
134.2 cm
42.5 cm
6.0 cm
20.0" - 24.0"
50.8 - 61.0 cm
100-170 lbs
45 - 77 kg
138 54.3"
138.0 cm
43.2 cm
6.2 cm
21.0" - 25.0"
53.3 - 63.5 cm
140 - 225 lbs
64 - 102 kg
142 55.9"
141.9 cm
43.8 cm
6.4 cm
22.0" - 26.0"
55.9 - 66.0 cm
170 - 240 lbs
77 - 110 kg
146 57.7"
146.6 cm
45.1 cm
6.6 cm
23.0" - 27.0"
58.4 - 68.6 cm
200 - 260+ lbs
90 - 118+ kg


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