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2020 Liquid Force Happy Pill Wake Surf

$ 499.99
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Do not be fooled by its shape!  Sure it looks fun, and it is - but dont think this is like a slow cruising beginner board -- Its not!

Seriously this board is one of our all time favorites -- Great for all levels of riders who want to go out and just have fun! 

With a full, round shape and quad fin set up, this board is stable yet snappy and maneuverable. Drive down the line and pop an air or chill and hang your toes over the nose. This board is a really forgiving and fun board that can be mellow or aggressive depending on your mood. Enough performance for the best surfers around and enough forgiveness for those just learning… it truly is the perfect prescription for all!

QUAD (S Side Fins
w/ Stubbie Trailer Fins)

Happy Pill Fin


  • Stringer less EPS Foam
  • Single to Double Concave Hull
  • Square Tail
  • Dura Shell
  • Compression Molded




Size 4'2" 4'6" 4'10" 5'4"
Length (in) 50 54 58 64
Width (in) 19.2 19.9 20.5 21.6
Thickness (in) 1.58 1.67 1.77 1.96
Volume (L) 17.2 20.2 23.8 30.2
Rider Weight (lbs) Up to 150 120 - 190 170 - 220 190 - 250​+
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