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Liquid Force Space POD 2019

$ 799.99

The POD was one of the surprise hits of the summer - and no kidding, it got even better.   We absolutely loved the new 2019 Space POD 

The Space Pod is the newest board in our Atomic Series. Think of the original Pod turbo charged with a little more float… The parallel outline allows for a narrower board that is quicker and easier to turn, yet the board has a liter or more volume than the previous season’s Pod. The split tail increases drive and hold and the increased nose and tail rocker add maneuverability. The CNC’d lightweight EPS stringer core and LF exclusive carbon innegra deck with the carbon tape reinforced hull makes this board a light and durable wake bashing machine. Add in the carbon fin quad set up and you have the most high performance board in our line.

Atomic Series

Shaper: Jimmy Redmon
Fin Set Up: 2 Carbon Hive™ Twin Tab Fin w/ 2 Stubbie Rears


Like other LF boards - they are now including a "speed finish" much like a custom ocean board - we love the look, feel, and increased speed! 

  • Carbon Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Carbon Tape Down Spine
  • CNC EPS Foam Core With Stringer
  • Single To Double Concave Vee Hull
  • Square Grooved Multi-Zoned Eva
  • Quad Fin Set-Up- 2 Honeycomb Carbon Side Fins & 2 Stubbie 2.0 Rear Fins
4' 3"
4' 3"
129.5 cm
49.6 cm
2.5" N/0.5" T
6.5 N/1.4 cm T
18.5 L Up to 185 lbs
Up to 84 kg
4' 7"
4' 7"
139.7 cm
50.5 cm
2.7" N/0.6" T
7.0 N/1.5 cm T
21.1 L 170 - 220 lbs
77 - 100 kg
4' 11"
4' 11"
149.9 cm
52.0 cm
2.9" N/1.3" T
7.5 N/0.6 cm T
24.8 L 190 - 250+ lbs
86 - 114+ kg




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