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When you start off wake surfing - the Rocket is the essential board!  This is the one you can start off on ... but don't think it is just a "beginner board" this one will become your go to boat board.  Whether you are using it to teach new riders OR still want to go out and play around!   You may bet better, but you wont out grow the Rocket!

The Rocket is an ultra-stable board for the entire boat with a touch of performance. The winged swallow tail allows for a fuller outline for stability and the single to double concave hull lets you glide effortlessly. Ride this board as a twin fin for that “fish” feel or as a thruster for added drive down the line. This board will have the entire boat feeling like they have been to the moon and back.

TRI (3 SKIM fins)

Rocket Fin

Length Width Thickness Rocker Volume Weight

4' 8"

19.8" 1.20" 3.3" N / 1.0" T 15.7 L Up to 170 lbs

5' 0"

20.2" 1.22" 3.5" N / 1.1" T 17.0 L 140 - 200 lbs

5' 4"

20.8" 1.24" 3.7" N / 1.2" T 18.2 L 170 - 250 lbs



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