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$ 1,499.00

Ok - Its not cheap - but it also is not a toy!  This is truly a cross between a true board sport and a vehicle.  We have watched these for a little while and then we got a chance to get a close look.   First - it is rugged.  No plastic, no cheap parts - heavy duty tire, heavy duty pressure pads, metal frame.  We also liked that it is modular - meaning if something wears out it is an easy fix!    The quality of this made in the USA product shows - not something from China that will blow up.   

Now riding - Again not a toy!  Step on and it self balances but it does take some skill and learning.  Lean forward - goes forward.  Lean back and it moves backwards.  But to ride and turn - this is where it feels like snow boarding, surfing, wakeboarding, etc.   The fact that it is all-terrain is pretty impressive.  Smooth surfaces or through the dirt - this thing is the real deal.  

So if you want something that will last years and advance with you - come check it out.  


Inside Onewheel HQ, Santa Cruz, CA from Onewheel HQ on Vimeo.


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