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2020 Phase Five PROP Wake Surf Board

$ 535.00 $ 495.00

The Prop is one of the boards that started it all! When we first began our journey back in 2003, the Prop was one of three designs in our starting line up. It remains a consistent best selling model to date! This is the board Drew Danielo won his first two world titles with; need we say more? The Prop is a traditional skim style design with high performance in mind. It has a 3/4” premium foam core with nice full rails and comes standard with a single fin setup loaded with a 2” fin for a good balance of hold and performance but can be changed out with a smaller fin for pure loose skim style feel.

Every board comes in a variety of custom hand painted graphics and colors.  


***Individually handcrafted graphics, so no two boards are exactly alike***


Model Size Specs. Volume Wt. Limit
Prop 54" × 20.3" × .75" 10 Liters 190 Lbs.

Build Composilite Construction

Fin Size 2" 

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