Proline LGX Rope Handle Package

Designer: CWB

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Tie the CWB/Proline LGX Rope Package to your boat and you're ready for a great day on the water. The synthetic leather handle is soft to the touch for a comfortable grip, and the TPU endcaps reduce handle roll so you can always be confident in your hold. The line is 100% non-stretch Spectra, and the PVC coating is smooth while making the rope easier to clean and less likely to knot.

  • Synthetic leather grip for a soft but anchored hold
  • TPU endcap reduces handle roll and is soft to the touch
  • Includes ⅛" 100% Spectra non-stretch line
  • 12 strand braid design for extra strength and consistent pull
  • Smooth PVC coating eliminates knots and provides a soft touch
  • Three 5' (1.5m) sections let you adjust the length to put you right on the sweet spot
  • Maximum length 75' (22.8m)