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Proline Reflex Wakeboard Rope /Handle Package

$ 49.99

Comfortable and customizable, the Connelly Reflex Handle and Line Package includes a 60' length of Poly-E that is designed to minimize stretch for more consistent pulls. Three built-in 5' sections allow you to tune the length all the way down to 50', and the floating design helps it stay above the water during deep water starts. At the far end of the line, there's a floating handle with a textured EVA grip so you'll always be able to find a comfortable hold.

  • Molded EVA foam gives the handle a comfortable but secure hold
  • Three 5' (1.5m) sections let you adjust length from 50' to 65' (15.2 to 19.8m)
  • 3/8" Poly-E line is a low-stretch design for consistent pulls
  • Floating handle and mainline improve safety and visibility
  • 65' total length (19.8m)
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