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Radar Katana W/ Prime Boot and Rear Toe Plate 2018

$ 499.99

If you want a great ski that will allow you to easily pop out of the water and carve more aggressive turns - all with less work .... The Katana is a ski you will immediately fall in love with!

Part of the Bent Vee series

The Bent Vee series has revolutionized open water skiing. Width under foot allows these skis to pop out of the water with ease. This combined with a flat channel and grip rails allows a ski with more surface area to perform like a much narrower and nimble ski. Our Bent Vee collection will make you rethink what is possible on a wider ski, take it for a ride.

The Katana is ready to take you anywhere. It's built for open water line varying in conditions. The all-terrain core is the most forgiving construction allowing the rider to take bumps and rollers like a champ. Constructed with the Bent Vee Technology, it's designed to take you anywhere, anytime at any level of riding. It's the easiest, smoothest ski Radar created with the least amount of drag you could ever imagine. The fundamental aspects such as bevel and rocker line are that of a Vapor. So you ski assured, knowing you're riding a high performance rip stick. 

Surface area was added behind your feet for lift on deep-water starts and stability when riding straight ahead. The widest point in the tip is much further forward than a conventional slalom ski, giving the feeling of a longer wheelbase which gives you stability. When the ski is turned on edge, it creates an automatic turn based on the inside radius sidecut. The ski just pivots right through both on and off side turns without effort. 

- All-Terrain Core
- 100% Carbon laminates 
- Recommended max speed 32mph 
- RST (Radiused Stability Turn) Tail Shape 
- Bent Vee fin


Size 65" 67" 69"
Surface Area (in²) 413.96 in² 390.31 in² 378.72 in²
Max Width (in) 7.28" 7.28" 7.5"
Suggested Max Speed (mph) 32 mph 32 mph 32 mph
Terrain Crossover Crossover Crossover
Recommended Weight Up to 160 lbs 130-190 lbs 175-230 lbs

Radar Prime Feather Frame Water Ski Binding

This water ski binding offers greater performance than any other boot in its pri and it is darn sure more comfortable. The Prime Binding was designed to allow ease of entry while having greater mobility. This was achieved by designing the boot with a lower cuff height and a softer tongue design. 

The Prime is built on the feather frame chassis. This chassis is the industry's only completely integrated baseless ski boot design. The feather frame eliminates unnecessary screws and added plates, making it the lightest boot set up you can mount to a slalom ski. The weight reduction comes without sacrifice to the structural integrity of the chassis. The feather frame chassis will move your feet as close to the ski as possible improving the feel of the ski underneath your feet. This will also improve the energy transfer and reaction time between you and your ski.

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