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RADAR Senate Alloy Edition 2016

$ 499.00
Size: 69

The Radar Senate water ski, has been one of the best-selling high-performance skis on the market. This ski that is designed to give you a great run out on the slalom course, and at the same time, you're able to use it just for a free ride. This ski comes out of the same mold as the Vapor to give you a great run out on the slalom course, yet has a mere .2" of an inch added to the surface area of the ski which makes it easier to get up on along with becoming more stable and forgiving enough to use just for a freeride. The Senate fits both classic style and up to date technical skiers. Wrapped in Carbon and Fiberglass, the Senate stretches possibilities of what's both capable and fun for a slalom ski. Since the ski's design is so closely compared to the Vapor, you still get the signature speed and balance with the Senate, that the Vapor puts out. The ski also provides less rope tension at the finish of a turn, and allows for easier acceleration because of the added surface area. The Senate offers a flawless ride on both open water and in the slalom course, and the new graphic makes it a great ski for anyone that enjoys the sport!

- .2" wider than Vapor
- Suggested Max Speed 34 mph
- Aerocore
- Carbon Inside
- Switchblade Fin
- Tru-Line Insert



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