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Ronix Koal Technora Powerfish 4' 10" - 2018

$ 699.99

We first saw this at Surf Expo in September and were curious to say the least.  

All new for 2018,  this shape brings together the best attributes of the Classic Fish and Technora Powertail for a ride that can’t be rivaled when it comes to speed and drive down the wave. For those seeking a surfy feel, this board is a must-have in the quiver.

Incredible speed but it can still easily cut loose thanks to the deep swallowtail design.  Whether looking for that one board for everyone on the boat or a specialty board for the ever expanding quiver, the Powerfish deserves a spot on your boat’s board rack. Beginners will find this board to be stable, forgiving and easy to catch the wave thanks to its wide belly and buoyant position in the water. More advanced riders will absolutely rave about the perfect mix of speed and maneuverability. This board exuberates fun and playfulness for riders of all ability levels. The thicker profile and wider platform of the Powertail shape give this board the ability to build up speed like no other board out there. This “push” allows you to surf smaller waves, jump on the gas pedal like a sports car, or get yourself back into the wave’s sweet spot with ease. The overly pronounced swallow tail fish design allows the rider to easily initiate turns and get the bottom turn drive needed for serious carving, cutbacks, and more.

Equipped with Ronix’s exclusive Fin-S 2.0 technology, easily change your fin set-up in a matter of seconds to dial in your board’s performance. The most technologically advanced fins in wakesurfing, Ronix’s epoxy molded fins feature a thin profile for less drag with the water and fast edge to edge transfers. The fins are available from a loose, skatey 2.5” fin all the way up to 4.5” fins for deep bottom turns. The Powerfish comes standard with a symmetrical 3.5” center fin and two asymmetrical 4” outside fins.


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