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Tige R22 e 2017 - SOLD

$ 87,500.00



The Tige  a new standard for style and performance.  If you are looking for a new watersports boat then make sure you give Tige a very close look.  We gladly hold our Tige's t against all competition.  Quality construction, loaded with features, an incredible surf wave, and style like nothing else.     

Tige was one of the first brands to build a boat that could throw a clean powerful surf wave.  Tige led the industry with its Convex Hull and TAPS system allowing the boat to throw an incredible wave with the ability to adjust the shape.  A good surf boat starts with a hull that can surf - not "systems" -  Surf Systems should enhance a wave.  The Tige TAPS 3 system now gives you that same great Tige surf wave with an evenly weighted boat and the ability to throw side to side in under 3 seconds.   And we do it with less ballast and less drag - giving you a more efficient boat.  

Take a close look at this R22 e and you will notice an big, deep, roomy boat with beefy construction.  The R22 e is the identical hull of the more expensive RZ2 - with a more simplified interior.  While many Tige R Series boats have a standard tower - we upgraded this on to the new Alpha E2 Tower.    The new Tige Alpha E2 Tower is pure strength with no jiggle like others - and it features electric fold down.  Take a look at the outside and you will see an incredible style that stands out on the water and looks like nothing else.  When it comes to performance - it is hard to beat.  Still the best shaped and most adjustable surf wave on the water.  The Tige RZ2 /R22 Hull has been a standard when it comes to surfing and is a true crossover giving you a great wakeboard wake and even flattens out for a solid slalom run.   Dont just take our word for it - do your own research.  

PULL Watersports continues to impress by bringing this quality boat to Georgia - We are proud to be a smaller dealer with less overhead - giving us the opportunity to save you thousands over the competition - we promise we will give you more boat for the money.  



The value-oriented R-Series models are Tiges all the way through. The product line proudly earns the prestige of the Tigé badge through its components, performance, and quality. Every component of an R Series model is calculated, refined, and placed with the purpose of delivering value to your boat ownership experience. We use only the highest quality materials and processes, and we don’t cut corners in places you don’t see. With the R-Series, you’ll be on the water and ready for everything. Get in the Tige R-Series and see for yourself. No matter what you read or what you see, there is no other boat company that offers this list of standard features and the versatile performance. Period.


Right off of the show room floor, your R-series Tige is ready for action. Equipped STANDARD with Active Touch Command Center, TAPS 3, Convex V Hull, Surf+Wake XL ballast, Zero Off Cruise Control, and a 6.2L closed cooled engine, you can be throwing down and living it up with world class waves and wakes within seconds.


The R-Series builds in the same production process as the flagship Tigé line. That means when you buy an R-Series boat, you are getting the best that Tigé has to offer. From the strongest lamination and premium vinyl ester resin to Ashland Gel Coat and quality vinyl, we don’t back off of our reputation for the highest level of production found anywhere.


The larger 6.2L Ford engine comes standard and provides additional torque and power than a 6.0L found in competitor models. Easily push the weight demands of every watersport with lower RPM, faster acceleration, and more fuel efficiency right out of the showroom.

The R-Series also comes standard with closed cooling—a feature that is nearly a $6,000 upgrade on the boat the other guys are telling you about. Closed cooling is critical for quality of ownership and even resale. It keeps lake water out of your engine, maintains consistent engine temperatures, better fuel economy, performance, and eliminates corrosion—all of which leads to longer engine life.


Built on years of proven performance, TAPS 3 has pulled from the most effective and forward thinking technology available. It has quickly defined itself as the most versatile technology on the market. With TAPS 3 standard, the R-Series will outperform and leave competitive models trailing in their wake. For more info on the leading technology of TAPS 3 click here.


Did we say touch yet? Tige R-Series stays in line with the rest of the Tige lineup by offering  a FULL COLOR TOUCH SCREEN—standard! Other boats offer black and white interfaces with old school switches, buttons, and paddlewheel systems that slow down response times and age the boat quickly. Many systems on the market are unreliable, with huge variations in speed. The R-Series comes standard with Zero Off(TM) Cruise Control and uses GPS for exact speed exactly when you need it. Other companies do offer GPS, if you want to pay around $1500 more for it.


The R-series was created with custom appointments and original concepts, all designed and engineered with a purpose. The Diamond Tower is a custom design to accentuate all the lines of your Tige—not an off-the-shelf, one size fits all option. In addition, the Diamond Tower has a cast aluminum base to finish off the styling and allow for more rigidity and the easiest lowering capability. The wrap-around windshield is full with intention—for the driest ride. The steering wheel, dash accents, and accessories are billet aluminum– for more style and higher quality. And the premium upholstery, hinged seats, and non skid flooring are all placed with intention – for a refined on-water experience.



  • Specifications
  • Length: 22' (6.7m)
  • Boat Beam: 102" (259cm)
  • Weight: 4300lbs (1950kg)
  • Fuel Capacity: 48gal (182l)
  • Hull: ConvexV
  • Seating: 15
  • Color Options: Infinite
  • Draft: 29" (74cm)
  • Storage: 68.94ft³ (1.95m³)
  • Tige Standard Features
  • Convex V Hull
  • TAPS 3 Surf System
  • Full Color ActiveTouch Screen
  • Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control
  • 6.2L Indmar Closed Cooled Engine
  • Custom Color Options
  • GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring
  • Custom Upholstered Interior
  • R-Series Graphics
  • Surf + Wake XL Ballast
  • Diamond Tower w/ Swivel Board Racks
  • Premium Sound System
  • Tige Armour Mooring Cover
  • All-Billet Accents
  • Aergo Captains Chair w/ Flip Up Bolster
  • Cooler with Bow Filler Cushion
  • Stainless Steel Rubrail
  • Tige 5 Warranty
  • CIPA Convex Mirror
  • Premium Ashland Gel Coats
  • Upgraded Alpha E2 Electric Fold Down Tower
  • Upgraded Paint Scheme
  • Cabin Heater with 3 Pull Outs
  • Custom Boat Mate Trailer Included

Stop in or give us a call to talk about this boat or building your own custom Tige.  


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