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Tige Z3 2017

$ 112,350.00 $ 99,800.00

Tige continues to change the game - always on the front of innovation, performance, style - you need to take a close look at Tige if  you are seriously looking for a new boat!

When it comes to style, performance, and incredible value - you have to take a good look at the Tige Z3.  This boat is incredible when it comes to Wake Surfing.  Tige's Convex V Hull is the core of shaping an incredibly clean and strong surf wave.  There are plenty of boats that can surf - but there are only a few that produce a great surf wake.   

The entire hull does the work - shaping a more natural wave with clean power from the curl to the platform.  Other boats have to use devices just to get the boat to surf while Tiges produce a great wave simply with the Convex V and Taps plate - oh and a Tige will produce epic wakes with much less ballast needed.  

Want quick side to side switching?   No problem this new 2017 Tige Z3 is equipped with TAPS3.  The TAPS3 system allows you to weight the boat evenly and switch from regular to goofy in 3 seconds!  AND the rider can even switch sides from the palm of their hand with the SurfLink remote!   Tige has been know for adjustable wakes - No problem, TAPS3 also allows you to customize your wake - smoothing it out for a great skim wake or ramp up the face for a tall ocean shaped wave!  The combinations are almost limitless. We get to surf a lot of different boats and for our money - Tige offers the cleanest and most adjustable wave - and with a lot less weight needed! 

Efficient!   This Z3 comes with the Indmar Raptor 400 motor - offering you incredible power in a motor purposely built for the demands of surfing and hard core water sports.   The Z3 with the Raptor 400 was documented by to only burn 3.64 GPH!!!   Go to and check out the video for yourself!

Also new for 2017 - the all new Alpha E tower.  This beefy tower folds down below the windshield with the press of a button.   The Alpa E tower continues with the great look Tige has been known for and it hasnt lost a thing when it comes to being sturdy and rattle free - hang from it and test it yourself! 

We also loaded this boat with features including the TAPS3 and Surf XL ballast system, Cabin Heater, Underwater Lights, Wet Sounds Premium Audio Package including REV 10 Tower Speakers, and more.  At 23ft - this boat has a ton of room and you will notice how deep you sit in the boat making it as comfortable as sitting in your living room.   

This boat has a clean classic look using frost as the base color with highlights of black.  The "synteak" non skid and natural vinyl accents give the interior a rich feel.   This boat will stand out from across the lake! 

Take a close look at Tige - We think you will agree with us on the style, quality of build, and features.  Take a ride in a Tige and we know you will see the performance!





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